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Eli Love

Eli Love

About Eli

Facilitator 30 years

Public Music Teacher 25 years

I've been driven to find out what makes people heal permanently since the age of five. My first major was in psychology, and I studied countless methods, disciplines, cultures, and techniques, worldwide, to find out the answers. When I found out that we had the answer right inside of us all along, I couldn't wait to share it with people.

Since then, I've shared it with thousands of people and have taken hundreds through the process personally. The results are profound each and every time.

I have seen people shed weight, lose addictions, save marriages, get rid of pain, improve self esteem, cure cancer, and so much more. And all for FREE!

My goal is to make this work known worldwide. Any and all help is welcome!

Hi, I'm Eli. I've spent a lifetime looking worldwide for what heals people permanently... not necessarily a medicine or treatment, but the series of events that truly changes one from the heart or gets rid of an illness permanently.

Unfortunately, if you look closely, people don't really change in a profound, permanent, way until they have been through the "School of Hard Knocks." There are countless stories of people having been through a traumatic event or a long bout of suffering to finally come out the other end a better, healthier person. At the end of the day, it is EXPERIENCE that permanently changes a person from within, not a mindset or willpower.

Well, wouldn't you know it... after looking for decades, I finally found the answer to avoiding the school of hard knocks. The answer was inside of us the whole time! There is a way to get that experience WITHOUT having to do it the hard way in life.

God has given us a mechanism to deal with life right out of the gate. Since birth we have had this process that we naturally do. I call it Unconditional Expression. But we are coerced out of that process by the age of five or six, and then we wonder why life has become so complicated and filled with issues and ailments.

Imagine what it must have been like a short 100 years ago when oral hygiene was not common. People just took for granted teeth rotting, gum disease, and bad breath. THAT is exactly how we are living now in the area of stress. Since the age of around five or six we have stopped taking care of our daily issues and stress directly and immediately. We begin to accumulate all kinds of unhealthy perceptions, emotions, ailments, and life issues that are really not necessary. Remembering how we dealt directly with life now will begin the process of spontaneously healing all of our current complications and ailments.


The paradigm shift that will change your life is asking NOT, “What is wrong with me?” but, “What is RIGHT with me?” Our bodies are working perfectly, so when we get “sick,” we are actually experiencing an outer reflection of some kind of stress inside of us. Doing this work will directly connect any issue or ailment to the root cause of it inside of you. From there you can release that internal pressure and watch your body spontaneously heal. That’s taking back a LOT of power.

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How To Heal For Free


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Client Testimonials

I had no idea that losing weight could be so effortless. Once I found out what was underneath, causing all my stress, the pounds have just been melting off. Thank you, Eli.

April Constantine

Wil Jeffries

Not what I expected. This program will turn your world upside down! It changes and heals you on very deep levels. And it's so simple.

Shanti Fields

My relationship has changed from night to day doing this work. I'm no longer a victim.

I always knew where my issues came from, but that was just cerebral information. Doing this work accesses those same insights from a cellular level. It's very much like watching a moon landing on tv vs. actually being there... there's no comparison.

Del Jordan



Usually consist

of an initial presentation,

then 6 to 8 week follow up sessions once a week.

An 8 week format is customary,

but any scheduling timeline

can be arranged.

All seminars/sessions are available locally or on Zoom

Personal Sessions

9 out of 10 people stop short

of completing a session.

I will facilitate your session to make sure you reach the end successfully. Usually only 2 to 5 sessions are needed, then you are on your own!

The Manual For Life

This book has everything you need to get started,

Including numerous exercises for different life challenges.

Change your life in the most profound way now.

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